Saturday, December 28, 2013


Hey guys,
Sorry we haven't been posting in a while, but don't worry we've decided from now on we will post on a more regular basis! With that being said, today we want to share with you our most recent project. A wall collage! Who doesn't love collages?! I mean, they are perfect because your favorite pictures can be used, its a great way to jazz up an empty wall, and can be made into any size or shape! Oh and might I mention its quite easy and can be super fun making with the best friend!

Heres how ours turned out

Now heres what you'll need..
-images, and lots of them
-and probably your best friend for help!

What to do? Oh its easy...
Simply pick out a bunch of your most favorite pictures. If they are from magazines, cut them out. Online, print them! Once you've collected almost an unlimited supply of pictures your ready for taping.
Arrange them to how you like them, then start taping. Depends on what look your going for, but I'd suggest taping them together on the back so the tape isn't shown. Then with he help of someone, cuz trust me it is impossible to do by yourself, tape the big collage to your wall. It will take a lot of tape to stay, believe me, but its okay, the more the merrier. And there you have it! Your own personalized collage and now that ugly white wall is now full of color and design. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this and try it our yourself!
xoxo, gracie and lili